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5 April 2017

David Crook

Lithium-caesium-tantalum pegmatites, targeting techniques and recent WA advances [ABSTRACT]

1 March 2017

Brendan Murphy

Mantle plumes, mountains and mineralization [ABSTRACT]

1 February 2017


No talk – no speaker available

2 November 2016

1. Sadie Belica,

2. Adam Nordsvan

1. Middle Permian-Early Triassic chronostratigraphy of the Southern Sydney Basin, Eastern Gondwana: A magnetostratigraphic approach to improve global correlation


2. Testing the Australia-Laurentia connection in Nuna: new constraints from zircon provenance results


5 October 2016

Peter Haines

Rethinking the geological history of Uluṟu (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuṯa (The Olgas), central Australia [ABSTRACT]

7 September 2016

Nicholas Jansen

Harnessing your inner spectral geologist [ABSTRACT]

3 August 2016

Prokopiy Vasilyev

The experimental modelling of geochemical processes in the deep Earth: the oxidation state of subducted, altered oceanic crust and the formation of diamonds [ABSTRACT]

6 July 2016

Quentin Masurel

The geology of the Sadiola gold camp (Mali, West Africa) and implications for the tectono-magmatic evolution of the Kédougou-Kénieba inlier [ABSTRACT]

1 June 2016

Kliti Grice

The evolution of life: Its preservation across ocean anoxic events (including major mass extinction events) from biomolecules and geomolecules to cellular remains [ABSTRACT]

4 May 2016

Daniel Peyrot

A General Introduction to Palynology for Non-Specialists [ABSTRACT]

6 April 2016

Graham Carr

Reflections on 35 years of mineral exploration research in Australia - My views on the Top 5 most influential research outputs [ABSTRACT]

2 March 2016

David Mole

Crustal evolution in space and time: Understanding the hottest magmas on Earth and the localisation of Ni-Cu-PGE systems [ABSTRACT]

3 February 2016

Michael O’Leary

Far field effects of continental plate collisions [ABSTRACT]

4 November 2015

Gretchen Benedix-Bland

Decoding the Geology of Mars: The search for the source craters of the martian meteorites [ABSTRACT]

7 October 2015

Andrew Putnis

Fluid-rock interaction – a major rock-forming process in the Earth’s crust [ABSTRACT]

2 September 2015

Ken McNamara

First Footfall: Evidence from the Tumblagooda Sandstone for the Colonisation of Land [ABSTRACT]

5 August 2015

Aaron Cavosie

A Hadean zircon perspective on the early impact bombardment [ABSTRACT]

1 July 2015

Chris Elders

Enigmatic events in the evolution of the North West Shelf [ABSTRACT]

3 June 2015

Andrea Agangi

Gold deposition and remobilisation in the Archaean Witwatersrand basin, South Africa – A pyrite perspective [ABSTRACT]

6 May 2015

Graham Begg

Connecting Mineral Systems and Lithospheric Architecture – The Greenfields Frontier [ABSTRACT]

1 April 2015

James Mungall

Transport of metals and sulphur in magmas by flotation of sulphide melt on vapour bubbles [ABSTRACT]

4 March 2015

Ravi Anand

Geochemical dispersion through transported cover in regolith-dominated terrains – towards an understanding of process [ABSTRACT]

5 November 2014

Aaron Hunter

A Bizarre Crinoid from a Methane Seep in the Late South Cretaceous of South Dakota, USA [ABSTRACT]

1 October 2014

Sandra Occhipinti

Towards a multi-commodity minerals targeting effort in the Halls Creek Orogen using a Mineral Systems approach - a CET (UWA) and GSWA collaboration [ABSTRACT]

3 September 2014

Diana Plavsa

The tectonic evolution of the Southern Granulite Terrane of India and its role in the amalgamation of Gondwana [ABSTRACT]

6 August 2014

John Bunting

HOT ROCKS, WARM CORALS, COOL MICROBES – Unravelling the Geology of the SW Capes Region for the latest ESWA Field Guide [ABSTRACT]

2 July 2014


Monthly meeting cancelled due to AESC

4 June 2014

Tim Johnson

Differentiation, partial melting and the evolution of Earth’s early crust [ABSTRACT]

7 May 2014

Mark Jessell

The West African Exploration Initiative (WAXI) [ABSTRACT]

2 April 2014

Marjorie Chan

Mars for Earthlings: Using Earth Analogs to Decode the Sedimentary History of Mars [ABSTRACT]

5 March 2014

Phil Playford

Recent mega-tsunamis along the Shark Bay, Pilbara, and Kimberley coasts: among the largest known in the world [ABSTRACT]

5 February 2014

Laurie Hutton

Rare Earth Elements and Critical Elements Exploration [ABSTRACT]

6 November 2013

Tony Kemp

Bottoms Up! A Geo-tour through the Hidaka Crustal Section, Hokkaido, Japan [ABSTRACT]

2 October 2013

Steve Barnes

The ultramafic to felsic volcanic assemblage in the east Yilgarn Craton: large igneous province or subduction-accretion complex? [ABSTRACT]

4 September 2013

Steve Hollis

Volcanic-hosted massive sulfide mineralization in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: greenstone prospectivity and recent developments [ABSTRACT]

3 July 2013

T Campbell McCuaig

2013 GIBB MAITLAND MEDAL LECTURE: Multiscale structural controls on mineral systems [ABSTRACT]

12 June 2013

Belinda Godel

High-resolution X-ray computed tomography (HRXCT) and 3D characterization of geological materials [ABSTRACT]

1 May 2013

Peter Haines

The Petermann Orogeny: syn-tectonic sediment pulse across the Centralian Superbasin and beyond traced by detrital zircon ages and Lu–Hf isotopes [ABSTRACT]

3 April 2013

Mike McWilliams

Snowball Earth [ABSTRACT]

6 March 2013

Milo Barham

Conodonts, fishy bits and Ireland: palaeoclimatic time capsules resolve the Carboniferous glaciation (and help inform our climate future?) [ABSTRACT]

6 February 2013

Michael Harris

Geotechnical Logging, Analysis and its Uses – Information for Geologists [ABSTRACT]

7 November 2012

Domenik Wolff-Boenisch

Mineral sequestration of carbon dioxide in basalt: a pre-injection overview of the CarbFix project [ABSTRACT]

3 October 2012

John Bunting

Hard rock, soft rock and the swinging monkey – a miscellany from the Perth Field Guide, and more… [ABSTRACT]

5 September 2012

Phil Bland

Testing models of solar system formation and evolution by analysis of meteorites [ABSTRACT]

1 August 2012

Alistair White

The nature and origin of gold mineralization at Damang mine: A new style of gold deposit in Ghana [ABSTRACT]

4 July 2012

Peter Lane

The choice at Margaret River was simple — water or coal? [ABSTRACT]

6 June 2012

Jean-Pierre Burg

How and why did the Alpine Rhodope collapse during the ore-rich Oligocene times? [ABSTRACT]

2 May 2012

Scott Halley

A 3D mineralogical and geochemical model of the Salt Creek Gold deposit [ABSTRACT]

4 April 2012

Ravi Anand

Predictive geochemistry in areas of transported overburden [ABSTRACT]

7 March 2012

Katy Evans

The redox budget of subduction zones – and implications for the ore-deposit source zones [ABSTRACT]

1 February 2012

Alex Bevan

Impact structures of Western Australia [ABSTRACT]

2 November 2011

James Cleverley

Understanding mineral systems using 3D geochemistry [ABSTRACT]

5 October 2011

Falko Langenhorst

Impact diamonds: physical properties and economic uses [ABSTRACT]

7 September 2011

Andy Spate

Caves and ruiniform features in sandstones of northern Australia [ABSTRACT]

3 August 2011

Facilitated by Katy Evans, WA Division Chair

GSA Position Statement on climate change: what should it look like? An open-forum discussion for GSA members

6 July 2011

Zheng-Xiang Li

A Neoproterozoic big twist within Australia: Rodinia, snowball Earth, and mineral deposits [ABSTRACT]

1 June 2011

Joseph Hamilton

The importance of mineralogy in petroleum systems [ABSTRACT]

4 May 2011

Steven Reddy et al.

Olivine microstructure, supra-subduction zone deformation, and implications for mantle flow and seismic anisotropy [ABSTRACT]

6 April 2011

Martin J Van Kranendonk

No arc-accretion tectonics in Yilgarn Craton [ABSTRACT]

2 March 2011

Brad Pillans

Climate change — a view from the Quaternary [ABSTRACT]

2 February 2011

Roger Bateman

Structures and mineralizations of the Timmins–Porcupine gold camp, compared with the Golden Mile, at 20 seconds per million ounces [ABSTRACT]

3 November 2010

Aaron Benincasa

The geology of Mount Mundo Perdido, Timor Leste [ABSTRACT]

6 October 2010

Kate Trinajstic

Caught in the act — sex and the fossil record [ABSTRACT]

1 September 2010

John Hronsky and David Groves

Towards a unified model for magmatic hydrothermal gold metallogeny, with implications for orogenic gold [ABSTRACT]

4 August 2010

Courtney Gregory and A Reid

Targeted, in situ U–Pb geochronology of accessory minerals associated with IOCG deposits: Hillside Project, Yorke Peninsula [ABSTRACT]

30 June 2010

Chris Kirkland

Hf isotopes as a tool for understanding crustal evolution and mineralization events [ABSTRACT]

2 June 2010

Guillaume Duclaux

A geologic overview of the Mawson Continent [ABSTRACT]

5 May 2010

Michael Glinsky

Geology and Physics working together [ABSTRACT]

7 April 2010

Nick Timms

Controls on gold mineralisation in the Murchison domain: Implications for the evolution of the Yilgarn craton from mapping macro- to microstructure, geochemistry and geochronology [ABSTRACT]

3 March 2010

Margaret Ellis

The Western Australian Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) [ABSTRACT]

3 February 2010

Kath Grey

Neoproterozoic stromatolite biostratigraphy: effective correlation with a controversial tool [ABSTRACT]

4 November 2009

Moyra E J Wilson

Environmental and tectonic influences on SE Asian coral reefs and carbonates: the last 50 million years [ABSTRACT]

7 October 2009

David Lumley

Geophysical monitoring of WA energy projects [ABSTRACT]

2 September 2009

David Wacey

The quest for the earliest signs of life on Earth [ABSTRACT]

5 August 2009

David Leach

Sediment-hosted Pb-Zn deposits in passive margin environments [ABSTRACT]

1 July 2009

Rob Hough

Revealing the hidden gold distribution in regolith and hypogene samples [ABSTRACT]

3 June 2009

Graham Begg

Lithosphere evolution, geodynamics and metallogeny [ABSTRACT]

6 May 2009

Brent McInnes

Space 2020: To the Moon and Beyond [ABSTRACT]

1 April 2009

R C Morris

Genesis modelling for the Hamersley BIF-hosted iron ores [ABSTRACT]

4 March 2009

David Evans

The current state of pre-Rodinia supercontinent reconstructions [ABSTRACT]

11 Novermber 2008

Tim Ivanic

Diamonds and mantle xenoliths from kimberlites and lamproites [ABSTRACT]

7 October 2008

Paul F Hoffman

Prisoners of their own knowledge: the glacial theory and the discovery of climate warming, mantle flow and continental drift [ABSTRACT]

2 September 2008

John Walshe

Is fluid mixing a major factor in the formation of Archaean gold deposits? [ABSTRACT]

5 August 2008

Peter Eadington

Reflections on fluid Inclusions, petrophysics, structural geology and petroleum systems: addressing some challenges in the search for oil in Australia [ABSTRACT]

1 July 2008

Chris Clarke

Event timing in the Southern Granulite Terrane, India [ABSTRACT]

3 June 2008

Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

The Perth Basin geothermal opportunity [ABSTRACT]

6 May 2008

Katy Evans

Speciation of sulphur in silicate melts: implications for ore-forming systems [ABSTRACT]

1 April 2008

Paul Evins

Bashing about in the Baltic Shield [ABSTRACT]

4 March 2008

Fred Jourdan

Large igneous provinces, mass extinctions and climate changes: a matter of timing [ABSTRACT]

5 February 2008

Jon Hronsky and Bruce Hobbs

Debate: Do Mantle Plumes Exist? [ABSTRACT]

13 November 2007

Steve Rogers

Microbes, metals, and minerals – Regolith geobiology and exploration through cover [ABSTRACTS]

16 October 2007

Steve Sheppard

The role of geochronology in our present-day understanding of the Proterozoic: an Australian perspective [ABSTRACTS]

4 September 2007

Steven M Reddy

The effects of crystal-plastic deformation on zircon geochemical systems [ABSTRACTS]

7 August 2007

Craig J R Hart

Getting gold out of granites [ABSTRACTS]

3 July 2007

David Grey

Hydrogeochemistry for mineral exploration: Another tool in greenfields exploration [ABSTRACTS]

5 June 2007

Greg Hall

Muruntau Uzbekistan: Revisited [ABSTRACT]

1 May 2007

Steve Barnes and Marco Fiorentini

Debate: Do you prefer your komatiites wet or dry? [ABSTRACT]

3 April 2007

Andrew Glikson

A planet in transition: geological and anthropological perspectives on climate change [ABSTRACT]

6 March 2007

Jim Ross

The peopling of Australia: a tale of genes, climate and culture [ABSTRACT]

6 February 2007

Mike McWilliams

The real truths about Snowball Earth [ABSTRACT]

14 November 2006

Kenneth J McNamara

MAWSON LECTURE 2006:  Shapes of time — using the fossil record to explain evolution [ABSTRACT]

3 October 2006

Alexander Nemchin

Origin and evolution of the Moon: new insights from U–Pb geochronology of lunar samples [ABSTRACT]

5 September 2006

Ian Fitzsimons

Accessory phases and metamorphic reactions: using bulk-rock chemical variations to determine orogenic P–T–t paths [ABSTRACT]

1 August 2006

Steve Barnes

Komatiites in the Norseman–Wiluna and Abitibi greenstone belts: geochemical comparison, and implications for nickel sulfide targeting [ABSTRACT]

4 July 2006

Scott Halley

Alteration vectors to blind, high-grade Archean gold deposits [ABSTRACT]

6 June 2006

Ian Neilson

Gocad and the common earth model: a revolution in exploration data integration and understanding [ABSTRACT]

2 May 2006

Roger Hocking

Conglomerates, cyclicity and controls in Canning Basin Devonian reefs: some new insights in a very scenic setting [ABSTRACT]

4 April 2006

Paul Roberts

Understanding processes we can’t see — from interpreting seismic sections to predicting orebodies: numerical modelling in the Predictive Mineral Discovery CRC [ABSTRACT]

7 March 2006

John Miller

Structural evolution of the western Victorian goldfields: a new look at terrane prospectivity [ABSTRACT]

7 Februray 2006

Prof Cam McCuaig

Future directions in industry–academia links and applied research in mineral exploration [ABSTRACT]

8 November 2005

Simon Lang

Facies models for terminal splays in fluvial-lacustrine reservoirs [ABSTRACT]

4 October 2005

Peter Haines

Early Palaeozoic depositional histories and petroleum systems of the Canning and Amadeus Basins compared: did the Larapinta Seaway ever really exist? [ABSTRACT]

6 September 2005

David Evans

Resolving deep-time palaeoclimatic and geophysical paradoxes via a multi-faceted palaeomagnetic approach [ABSTRACT]

2 August 2005

Student Presentations:
Mark Paine
Barry Taylor

Paine: Sedimentology, quantitative heavy mineral analysis and palaeogeographical modeling of a heavy mineral beach placer deposit in southeastern Australia [ABSTRACT]
Taylor: Dinocyst events from the uppermost Hauterivian to Lower Aptian succession in the Southern Carnarvon Basin: efforts to further revise the standard Early Cretaceous dinocyst zonation for the Northwest Shelf of Australia [ABSTRACT]

5 July 2005

Frank Bierlein

More on dynamic links between metallogeny and tectonics - deconstructing the Tasmanides in Eastern Australia [ABSTRACT]

7 June 2005

Graham Begg

Gold, Magmas, And Tectonics: A Dynamic Link  [ABSTRACT]

3 May 2005

Catherine Spaggiari

 Structural evolution of the Jack Hills Belt: implications for understanding complex overprinting relationships in a >2.0 Ga structural belt, and depositional of >4.0 Ga detrital zircons [ABSTRACT]

5 April 2005

Poul Emsbo

Impact of sedex hydrothermal events on the global marine 87Sr/86Sr record [ABSTRACT]

1 March 2005

Prof Maurice Tucker

Carbonate sequence stratigraphy and hydrocarbon geology: or Why study limestones? sun, sea, sand ….. [ABSTRACT]

1 February 2005

Joăo Orestes Schneider Santos

Evolution and metallogeny of the provinces of the Amazon Craton [ABSTRACT]

November 2004

Brent I A McInnes

The role of the mantle in Cu-Au metallogenesis in island arcs [ABSTRACT]

October 2004

Joas Kabete

The Lake Victoria Goldfields of Tanzania: Emphasis on the well-endowed Geita Gold District [ABSTRACT]

September 2004

John A Bunting

The Yarrabubba structure, Western Australia clues to identifying impact events in deeply eroded ancient cratons [ABSTRACT]

August 2004

David Haig

Australia's greatest flood: Geological implications of a Cretaceous inundation [ABSTRACT]

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